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Monolith Stone Article
Monoliths are standing stones above about 1.5 ft, they can be slender, large blocks or tapered, in fact any large upright stone can be classed as a monolith. Monoliths are available either in slate or sandstone. Slate Monoliths are available drilled to use as a water feature or not drilled to use as a feature stone in your garden. They come in varies sizes ranging from 2ft to 6 ft. The monoliths are sold individually or by cage. Sandstone monoliths varies in size, both in width and height.

A monolith is a single piece of rock placed as, or within, a monument. These are most often made of very hard and solid metamorphic or sedimentary rock. They define the landscape with their natural beauty. These are usually preferred with and around water features. Just like the slate monoliths, sandstone monoliths are available drilled or not drilled. If the monolith is placed in a way that it becomes a viewing pleasure from the exterior of the house garden. We are exporters and suppliers of stone monoliths, sandstone monolith, slate stone monoliths, stone pillar, natural garden stone, stone pillars for garden.
Monolith Stone Article
Classification - Stone Article
Offered in - Gardens, drawingrooms, hotels, restaurants, resorts, hospitals etc.
Finishes Offered - Polished, Honed, Sawn (Rough), Flamed
Standard Specifications - Cut-to-size articles
Tailor-Made Specifications - Possible
Recommended Applications - Interiors & Exteriors
Delivery - 3-4 weeks from date of order (sometimes ready stock is available so immediate delivery is also possible)

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