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Stone Fountain Article
Stone Fountain Article have always stayed as an integral part of the interior, exterior and decoration from age old days. Be it a ordinary ornamental stone with a water base or an artificial waterfall and giant fountain, water features definitely add a tinge of elegance and beauty complimenting your other decors. They hold a remarkable application in landscape architecture in recent days and may include a range of fountains, pools, cascades, waterfalls and streams that could be easily installed in your habitat.

Stone Fountain Article has been synthesized and regenerated using hydraulic rams and near the 18th century they were starting to get powered by pumps. But modern day's water applications require power to recycle water from a hidden reservoir and are generally self-sufficient. And more recently technology has gifted you the ease to sit and relax after initial installation of the water feature as they are increasingly being powered by solar energy and all processes are automatically being carried out. Garden fountains made from stone or rock will definitely add a traditional touch to your garden and transforms the way it looks. They also can be an excellent source of water for birds in the hot weather.
Stone Fountain Article
Classification - Stone Article
Offered in - Gardens, drawingrooms, hotels, restaurants, resorts, hospitals etc.
Finishes Offered - Polished, Honed, Sawn (Rough), Flamed
Standard Specifications - Cut-to-size articles
Tailor-Made Specifications - Possible
Recommended Applications - Interiors & Exteriors
Delivery - 3-4 weeks from date of order (sometimes ready stock is available so immediate delivery is also possible)

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