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Stone Planter
Stone Planter are generally used in outdoor landscaping owing to their huge size and space occupation. They can hold bigger plants dropping creepers to glorify block steps and pavements. Decorative stone urns with a footed base and pedestal and heavily crafted with magnificent designs can be used to hold special ornamental plants at the center of your garden to yield attention from your visitors. Naturally crafted stone planters, preferably from natural sandstones surely add a touch of ethnicity to your décor.

Stone Planter look very elegant in their natural color and highly polished structure and are easy to maintain. A recent trend in modern households that is gaining great momentum is to place a flower pot at the entrance of the residence, which gives an antique touch and exhibits a non-verbal gesture of welcoming the guests. These pots need to have a shorter stem and a wide base and mouth to hold large quantities of water and ornamental flowers and if crafted with magnificent art work would surely be a visual treat to the guests. These artifacts also have the advantage of low cost and long lasting durability as they are made from hard and natural stones.
Stone Planter
Classification - Stone Article
Offered in - Gardens, drawingrooms, hotels, restaurants, resorts, hospitals etc.
Finishes Offered - Polished, Honed, Sawn (Rough), Flamed
Standard Specifications - Cut-to-size articles
Tailor-Made Specifications - Possible
Recommended Applications - Interiors & Exteriors
Delivery - 3-4 weeks from date of order (sometimes ready stock is available so immediate delivery is also possible)

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